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Psychotherapy with Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, PostpartumĀ 

Everyone has times in their life when they are confused, struggling, etc. Age doesn't define when these struggles happen. Big life circumstances and situations come with Big Feelings and, I am here to help! As a former elementary school teacher with training with the Autism spectrum, I am passionate about working with children of various abilities. However, that is just one of my interests. Since becoming a clinician, my interests have expanded to Women's issues surrounding infertility, stillbirth, pregnancy, and postpartum. I also have knowledge and expertise in Chronic illness (such as Lyme Disease), Depression, Anxiety and OCD. I look to incorporate more than just talk therapy into our sessions and invite you to participate in mindfulness activities at the end of our sessions. Mindfulness activities include, Grounding, Guided Meditation, Mandalas, Progressive Relaxation, etc. These practices can be adapted and adjusted to any age! Therapy can feel very intimidating but I aim to make our sessions as comfortable as possible. I provide coloring books, and fidgets for kids but if an adult needs those too just ask! As you can see, I have varied interests in this field; from children to diet to pregnancy and post partum interests. I am here for it all. I am here with you, to listen and help you anyway I can.

Meredith Mental Health Counseling

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401 253 0002
401 253 0003
970 Hope St., Bristol RI, 02809

I See Patients: Tuesday,Thursday, Friday

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