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Psychotherapy, Trauma, Challenging Behavior

I am a licensed psychotherapist with an art degree from RISD. I believe in the interconnectedness of art and psychology. This belief led me to study and train under designers of humanistic theology, including Dr. Beth Barol who founded the biographical timeline model. I hold certifications in both trauma and challenging behavior psychology, and am the 2015 recipient of The Carolyn Walter Award for Outstanding Clinical Social Work Practice. The humanistic perspective is considered the third wave/third force of psychology that gained momentum in the 70's and 80's in response to the limitations of Freudian and behavioral modification approaches. It is within this perspective that I base my practice, focusing on the inherent uniqueness, creativity and beauty of each individual I serve. I am trauma informed, specializing in grief and loss. Grief, loss, and trauma are inexplicably personal narratives that can be safely navigated within a trustworthy therapeutic alliance. The journey of grief and trauma is not linear, and I recognize the honor in meeting survivors where they are. I use a holistic, person-centered approach to encourage self empowerment through recovery. Individuals are able to tap into their own capacity of resilience while using evidence based tools for coping as we explore the complexities and needs of each step in grief recovery. My therapeutic approach incorporates mindfulness rewiring through the neurocognitive psychology model that emphasizes growth, creativity, and self esteem recovery along with holistic approaches towards empowerment surrounding issues such as PTSD, C-PTSD, grief, loss, death, and systematic, cultural, family, or domestic violence.

Sarah Mental Health Counseling

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970 Hope St., Bristol RI, 02809

I See Patients: Thursday-Saturday

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